What is Mindset Coaching?

One of the most simple ways I’ve found to answer this question is with an equation.

Thoughts + Behaviours = Results

Thoughts include our self talk, internal dialogue, how we label things as good or bad or right or wrong, our perspectives and opinions, our cognitive patterns or mindset. 

Behaviours include our actions, reactions, habits, instincts, our body language, and state. 

When we add thoughts and behaviours together as an equation, they equal the results we are achieving in life – or commonly when I first meet a client, the answer to this equation highlights the results they are not achieving in life but would deeply desire to be.

So why is that? Why is it that despite wanting and trying as hard as possible for a result, sometimes it doesn’t present at the end of this equation?

To answer that question we’d need to understand the driver that comes ahead of this equation and that determines what is sitting underneath each of the banner headings: ‘thoughts’ and ‘behaviours’.  The driver is an individuals beliefs.  Therefore the equation becomes:

BELIEFS Thoughts + Behaviours = Results

As your mindset coach, I work with you on the above equation to uncover how you are currently expressing in life.  In dedicated one to one sessions, we explore the current conditions of your life that are producing the results you are and are not getting. 

Knowing who you want to be, where you want to head, and why that is important to you is absolutely key, as is understanding the beliefs, thinking and behaviours which have caused you to find yourself where you are right now.

Until you know and understand both, you are only setting yourself up each day to start the same puzzle with the same missing pieces over and over again; soul destroying!

Through mindset coaching, I teach you how pain points show up within your life as meaningful messengers.  Pain points aren’t there by mistake and they also aren’t going to magically disappear.  There is always something to be understood behind the pain; something which is asking for your loving attention. 

Identifying this on your own as a participant in the pain can be incredibly challenging.  This is where the value and power of mindset coaching comes into play, as you have me on your team shining light and new perspectives that you may not otherwise be able to consider or see.

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